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What is Anxiety Tools?

Using some of the most powerful CBT techniques, you’re about to be taken by a hand and slowly be eased into a program that can help you finally manage your anxiety.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a proven way to beat anxiety. But if time and therapy cost is an issue, there’s now a convenient way to learn CBT-based techniques that lower anxiety: Enter Anxiety Tools, a quick self-paced online course created by licensed psychologist Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D. In it, she shows you how to use nine powerful anxiety techniques to dispel your anxious energy, no matter the situation.

How it Works

You can complete the course in one sitting then keep practicing the techniques in real life. Or you can go at your own pace and do the course piecemeal, logging on from your phone, iPad, or computer anytime, anywhere, all for only $99 per month.

Reasons to get Anxiety Tools

No nonsense

Simple, straightforward, skills-based, no actual therapy.


On-demand, convenient, anytime, anywhere, self-paced.


Safety, security, privacy, confidentiality (great for people who have cultural or other concerns about "seeing a psychologist").


Top-notch psychologist featured in national media and head of successful practice on Park Ave in NYC who had so many people coming literally from all over the world for her positive and success-oriented approach to CBT that she decided to just package some of the best tools and make them available to people everywhere.


CBT has been shown to work for anxiety; plus we have 100s of users that have experienced relief. We even sometimes have clients that schedule an office visit and sign up for Anxiety Tools while waiting for their appointment day, and then cancel the office appointment because they’ve learned the skills they needed through Anxiety Tools!


Clients pay hundreds of dollars for a single session with Dr. Chloe. Anxiety Tools lets you sample some of the very same techniques she uses in sessions, with actual videos of her teaching them available to review as often as you wish, for a fraction of the price.

What others are saying about Anxiety Tools

"Having a visual, combined with the accompanied narrative voice, helped reinforce key points/information in an interactive, creative way. Having a ‘picture’ or ‘snapshot’ of these exercises was a great idea. I felt like I was included in the experience. The narrative voice felt like a trusted, knowledgeable guide was walking alongside you."

Darcy Mentovai


“Thank you, Dr. Chloe, for making these tools available! I actually had a therapy appointment scheduled at your office that I was able to cancel because I learned the skills I needed just from using the online system. I love knowing I can call for support if I need it, but so far just learning the tools is enough!”


32, New York City

“So glad I found this. I am an American living in the Middle East for business reasons, and it’s really hard to find a therapist here, much less one I can relate to. I signed up for the online tools with video coaching with one of Dr. Chloe’s associates. It was so nice to meet “face to face” on video with a friendly face to help me stay focused. The tools are great- they’re practical and sensible, and the coaching helped a lot. Thank you!”


30, Dubai

About Dr. Chloe Carmichael


Dr. Chloe Carmichael graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University, and earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Long Island University. She has taught cognitive behavioral therapy techniques for anxiety reduction at Fortune 500 companies and her private practice and has presented at the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. Dr. Chloe has also been featured on Fox, VH1, and in many online publications, including Everyday Health and New York Magazine. She sees clients in her Manhattan-based office and on Skype.

“ Cognitive behavioral therapy is a skills-based approach, which means you can control anxiety by learning how to manage it. Empower yourself by learning these concrete skills to fight anxiety today!”

Dr. Chloe Carmichael

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