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How to Work with High Functioning Clients

A 3-hour Nervous Energy Techniques Workshop for therapists. In this workshop, Dr. Chloe Carmichael shares how she teaches her high-functioning clients the most effective techniques and tools from her book, Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety, for them to succeed.



Dr. Chloe is popular with major media because of her knowledgeable and relatable style. 


"Having a visual, combined with the accompanied narrative voice, helped reinforce key points/information in an interactive, creative way. Having a ‘picture’ or ‘snapshot’ of these exercises was a great idea. I felt like I was included in the experience. The narrative voice felt like a trusted, knowledgeable guide was walking alongside you."

- Darcy Mentovai


“This video series is incredibly meaty and full of good information. It’s like you have a good friend who is telling you everything you need to know about how to get clients and have a successful practice. It’s a solid course, plus it’s fun to watch!”

- Dr. Judith Zackson, PhD

Group Practice Owner

"Dr. Chloe is really the best. She's one of the few people, in my opinion, that really understands completely how to connect with people in a very personal way... to change lives and make people feel comfortable about who they are; and give them guidance and direction."

- Ernie Anastos

Author, Hall of Fame Broadcaster and Distinguished Emmy-Award Winning TV News Anchor

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